October 5, 2014

My Dear Fellow Muslims,

As-Salaam Alay-Kum

QUTILA AL-INSANU MA AKFARAHU, which means, “Let man be damned! What makes him act ungrateful?,” proclaimed Almighty Allah in Surah: ’Abasa (He Frowned) of the Holy Quran. “This chapter,” wrote T. B. Irving (Al-Hajj Ta’lim ‘Ali), “containing 42 very early Meccan verses was revealed after “The Star 53” and before “Power 97. It was in this chapter that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was commanded to preach the message of Holy Quran with due solemnity and fervor to everyone, be they blind, lame or handicapped without any sign of arrogance or disdain.

Centuries of discouraging and squashing “Independent Thinking, has hampered the ability of common Muslims to comprehend the true meaning of our Holy Quran by those who feel that they are the most pious intellectuals worthy to impart Quranic wisdom. With the current mayhem that has engulfed the Islamic countries and is spreading across the globe, it should now be the concern of each and every Muslims to ponder over The Reconstruction of Religious Thoughts in Islam. Sir Mohammad Iqbal was straight-forward in making it known that, “The birth of Islam is in fact the birth of inductive intellect. The abolition of priesthood and hereditary kingship in Islam, the constant appeal to reason and experience in the Quran, and the emphasis that it lays on Nature and History as sources of human knowledge, are all different aspects of the same idea of finality.”


With an immense faith in the Quranic verses, this humble Muslim, Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia, while realizing that our fellow Muslims have performed their Hajj, by repeatedly stating, Labbayk Allahumma LabbaykHere I am, O Lord,” henceforth, here I am, taking this auspicious occasion of Eid-ul-Adha, to urge all of my Muslim brothers and sisters to ponder over the Quranic verses as follows:

“He it is, O Prophet! Who hath sent down to thee the Book; some verses of it
are perspicuous – they form the core of the Book – and some are figurative.
But they whose minds are perverse take to the figurative seeking discord and
crave to give them their own interpretation, although none knoweth their
interpretation except God, since those relate to a state of existence which is
beyond the comprehension of man. But men of right understanding say; “We
believe in it; the whole of it is from our Lord. But none will understand these
except those gifted with insight.”

Surah: Al-‘Imran (The Family of Imran) ~ Chapter: 3 – Verse: 7

“A revelation from (Allah), the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful – a Book whose
revelations are well expounded, an Arabic Quran for people who possess
knowledge, proclaiming good news and a warning. Yet most of them turn
away and so do not listen. And they say, ‘Our hearts are encased against that
to which you call us, and there is a heaviness in our ears, and there is a barrier
between us, so do as you will and so shall we.’”

Surah: Fussilat (Revelations Well Expounded ~ Chapter: 41 – Verse: 1-5

“We know best what those who deny the truth say. You are not there to force
them: so remind with this Quran, those who fear My warning.”

Surah: Qaf (Qaf) ~ Chapter: 50 – Verse: 45

“Indeed this [Quran] is an admonition. Let him who will, pay heed to it. It is set
down on honored pages, exalted and purified, by the hands of noble and
virtuous scribes. Woe to man! How ungrateful is he!”

Surah: ‘Abasa (He Frowned) ~ Chapter: 80 – Verse: 11 – 17

On Methodology of Understanding Quran, Asghar Ali Engineer has explicitly pointed out that, “the relationship between revelation and its proper appreciation on one hand, and that between revelation and reason, on the other, is so delicate that ordinarily one can be easily deceived by those who mislead people for their own vested interests.” If one care to read Hadith narrated by Al-Tirmidhi in “Tafsir Al-Quran” – No. 2950, the Prophet of Islam said, “Whoever speaks about the Quran without knowledge should await his seat in the Fire,” then it is all the more evident that ordinary Muslims from all walks of life are being discouraged to use their “Intellect” in order to be able to understand the true meaning of the Quranic verses.

Truthfully speaking, when Almighty Allah clearly states, “So remind with this Quran,” and “Indeed this Quran is an admonition. Let him who will, pay heed to it,” one ought to take it for granted that there can never ever be any substitute to the “Divine Words. It is quite understandable that there is bound to be conflict with the original Quranic messages given that un-authenticated Hadiths have led to a whole heap of confusion. The main reason for such a disorientation in the Islamic religious literature has been due to the fact that they are read without any regard to historical relativism ,which has marked all the ancient writings of men.

“Islam is commonly regarded as the religion of Law, but it is above all the religion of Knowledge,” opined Charles Le Gai Eaton (Hassan Abdul Hakeem) in his outstanding book, “Islam and the Destiny of Man. He continued on to point out that, “the Prophet said that Allah has created nothing nobler than intelligence.” Sadly, so many sane and educated fellow humans are not even aware that the word, “Sword, does not occur in the Holy Quran. Why are there intellectuals hailing from different faiths who almost always deliberately and falsely claim that there are The Sword Verses in the Holy Quran? This is preposterous, and as such, we Muslims must honestly admit that we ourselves have not mastered the true teachings of Holy Quran. It is the “Pen & Ink that has been clearly highlighted in the Quranic verses, but yet many remain ignorant of this fact. The sad state of affairs is that the majority of Muslims cannot come to terms with the ground reality that the first and foremost duty of Muslims is to “Read & Write” before anything else.

Better yet, let us together reflect upon the paramount importance given to the two words, that is, “Pen & Ink, which happen to be the main ingredients to build individual character of the bona fide followers of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Almighty Allah has called upon Muslims to strive hard to become “Pen Men” and not to get involved in gruesome murderous activities by becoming “Gun Men. It should be carefully noted that the Quranic verse, which brings to light “A Sublime Character” of the Prophet of Islam, is under Surah: Al-Qalam (The Pen).

“By the pen, and all that they write! By the grace of your Lord, you are not
a mad man. Most surely, you will have a never ending reward. For you are
truly of a sublime character.”

Surah: Al-Qalam (The Pen) ~ Chapter: 68 – Verse: 1-4

“(O Prophet!) Say: “Even were the sea to become ink wherewith to write the
words of my Lord, and a like of it is added thereto, the sea will exhaust itself,
while the words of my Lord continue to issue forth.”

Surah: Al-Kahf (The Cave) ~ Chapter: 18 – Verse: 109


Something drastically has gone wrong in the Islamic civilization. “Guns & Blood” has taken priority over “Pens & Ink. Instead of ink being used to call mankind towards “Godly Deeds, the human blood is being spilled to glorify the “Satanic Deeds. Eric Fromm in his book, “The Heart Of Man, describes such type of violence as “Archaic Blood Thirst. He explains the phenomenon of such a senseless violence in the following words:

Archaic Blood Thirst: This is not the violence of the cripple; it is the blood
thirst of the man who is still completely enveloped in his tie to nature. His
is a passion for killing as a way to transcend life, in as much as he is afraid
of moving forward and of being fully human. In the man who seeks an
answer to life by regressing to the pre-individual state of existence, by
becoming like an animal and thus being freed from the burden of reason,
blood becomes the essence of life; to shed blood is to feel alive, to be strong,
to be unique, to be above all others. Killing becomes the great intoxication,
the great self-affirmation on the most archaic level.”

What humankind is witnessing today is the Islamic civilization at its worst behavior. All because of countless millions of Muslims not being able to follow the “Quranic Wisdom, extracted only from the Holy Quran.

In the chapter, “Quran’s Invitation To Think, Dr. K. G. Saiyidain (Islam – The Religion of Peace [1976]), appropriately explained the root cause of the archaic humans. He stated that “if we the humans ignore the call of God to use their reason, we fall below the level of beasts who are not supposed to be equipped with reasons.” No doubt, the eradication of such a pathology of evil power championed by the minority of the “Muslim Jihadists” must take a top priority for the sake of humanity. With “Intellectual Honesty, Dr. Saiyidain summed up in one single sentence, “The deliberate atrophy of the intellect through lack of use is also, in the Quran’s phraseology, a state of Kufr or active denial of God’s gift.” Even Maulana Abul Kalam Azad claimed that, “those who fail to make proper use of the senses and reason fall below the status of man and becomes guilty of Kufr.”


Albert Camus once remarked, “The role of the intellectuals cannot be to accuse the violence of one side and condemn that of the other side.” It is an absolute fact that based upon the commandments of our Holy Quran, there can be “No Second Thoughts” on pronouncing the blood-thirsty “ISIS” barbarians as “Kuffars. That’s exactly what they are. Therefore, let us call spade a spade and outlaw the cold-blooded bearded thugs, who have nothing better to do than to ruin the image of Islam for their heinous crime against humanity. The “Muslim Intelligentsia” must make a serious note of following astute comment of Camus:

The modern mind is in complete disarray. Knowledge has stretched itself to the
point, where neither the world nor our intelligence can find any foot-hold. It is a
fact that we are suffering from nihilism.

“God’s Book Is Sufficient, cautioned Umar Ibn Al-Khattab, the companion of the Prophet. In his Essays on the life of Muhammad, Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan emphasized that Caliph Umar “boldly claimed to ignore all the myths and stories that have been incorporated in the commentaries on the Holy Book and to stand for the text which according to him was the very word of God.” Unfortunately, the modern day Muslims have been bereft of grasping the core message of the Holy Quran. The result is nothing but “Nihilism” which reigns within the Middle East region where “The Blood of Abraham” has been flowing for more than three decades with no end in sight.

My fellow Muslims, it is indeed a very sad moment for so many of us in this “Circle of Life. Our fellow humans remains baffled over our helplessness to confront the deadly ideology out of the fear of comprising the “Divine Commandments” versus “Man-Made Commentaries. On January 10, 2006, while expressing my greetings on Eid-ul-Adha, the theme of my message was Charged With Responsibility. Now after eight years, my question to all of you is, “Do we feel responsible or are we still going to remain indifferent?” We were then witnessing the brutal acts of “Suicide Bombers, and now, we are watching the “Merciless Beheaders” on the international media channels all across the globe. Yes, not only the American Muslims, but our fellow Muslim brethren around the world are also ashamed of such an immoral and inhumane acts that makes us all speechless.

Last but not the least, with deeply saddened heart, I wish you and your beloved family members a joyous Eid-ul-Adha. Though, we all know that the worst is yet to come, nonetheless, let us pray to Almighty Allah that the learned and wise men and women in the Islamic world will “Collaborate” with one another and not “Frown” at their fellow Muslims’ viewpoints to help defeat the savage ideology of “Radical Islam. For sure, Islam itself has been divided into two groups, “Radical versus Moderate; hence, my earnest request on this Eid day is for each one of you to kindly share the newly created website/blog: http://www.wethemoderatemuslims.com to all those whom you are acquainted with. Simply put, we cannot continue to remain as bystanders any longer.

Passionately yours,

Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia

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