October 16, 2013

From: Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia
To: My Fellow Muslims 

My Dear Fellow Muslims,

As-Salaam Alay-Kum

Countless of our fellow Muslim brethren have performed their Hajj with devotion and humility by bowing down to Almighty Allah and chanting “I am here at Your service, here I am – Labbaik Allah Humma Labbaik.” In spite of our fierce and emotional attachment with Islam, one continues to remain baffled as to why so many of the educated followers of one of the world’s greatest and enlightened religions have completely forgotten one crucial fact that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) claimed, “I have been sent as a mercy, not as bringer of cursers.”

Lo & Behold! Forget about the word “Mercy. Glance at “islam101.com” websites which haves quotes of great men and women listed under the section of “The Sword of Islam” and “The Charge of the Sword” respectively. What is this relentless love affair with the word “Sword” that drives Muslims to hate and be violent to the extent of killing? It is truly shocking to learn that the Greatest Boxer Of All Times – G.O.A.T. – Muhammad Ali,” has also been wrongly categorized under the heading of the “Sword. It is indeed heart-wrenching to grasp the ultimate reality that ignorance still continues to sway the minds of the followers of Islam. It seems like we the Muslims are adamant to live in a state of bewilderment come hell high water. One cannot help but simply wonder whatever happened to the most celebrated instrument described in our Holy Quran: “The Pen. The truth of the matter is, the biggest tragedy which has been inflicted upon the Islamic world is a total moral failure of our Muslim leadership and nothing else. Muhammad Ali is absolutely right when he remarked as follows:

“What is really hurting me, the name Islam is involved, and Muslim is
involved and causing trouble and starting hate and violence. Islam is
not a killer religion. Islam means peace. I couldn’t just sit home and
watch people label Muslims as the reason for this problem.”

Who is listening? Who is reading? Who is comprehending the verses of our Holy Quran? Why not take the precious time to listen to KHUDA KA BANDA – Muhammad Ali’s amazing speech in which he talks about the meaning of “Life. In a little book titled “HEALINGA Journal of Tolerance and Understanding, Thomas Hauser, co-author with Muhammad Ali has this to say:

“Muhammad Ali is the most loved person in the world. Everywhere he goes,
wherever he goes, people of all colors and religions crowd around, hoping to
get close to him. I’ve seen it happen so many times. And each time, I ask
myself, “If we can all get together and have a meeting of the minds on Ali,
why can’t we all get together, period?” I look at this man and I say to myself,
“God is trying to tell us something.”

For sure, Almighty Allah has explicitly spelled out in Holy Quran “Anyone whom Allah guides has been (really) guided, while those He lets go astray will be the losers.” This particular verse was followed by Verse: 179 – Chapter: 7 – The Heights (Al A’raf) as follows:

“We created many of the jinn and mankind for hell. They have hearts they
do not understand with; they have eyes they do not see with; and they have
ears they do not hear with. Such people are like cattle – no, they are even
more misguided. Such are the heedless.”

Unfortunately, many Muslims have undoubtedly become “Heedless” nowadays. What is much more frightening is that the educated class has gone astray owing mainly to their senseless preoccupation with those who speak against the religion of Islam and express their hatred towards Muslims. If we the “Moderate Muslims” make the best use of our eyes, our ears and our hearts, then we will realize that due to our own twisted theory of promoting “Sword” and “Jihad, we have lost the real meaning of the two most important words in Islam, that is, “Mercy” and “Compassion. Small wonder that our fellow humans hailing from different faiths are constantly questioning not only our intelligence, but our character and integrity too.

“islamawakened.com” is another version that promotes “myjihad.org” The banner on the website reads, “Keep us online. Donations are accepted … ” and that also without giving any indication of the physical contact address. How many Muslims around the world are aware that there is an opposing website “myjihad.us” by American Freedom Defense Initiative which remains engaged in pointing out their own understanding of the concept of “Jihad. The notion of “Jihad of the Sword” has definitely tainted the image of Islam. It cannot be defeated by advertisements or by posting another website “Islamophobia Today” owned and operated by who? Think about it, “Why should a good American Muslim or, for that matter, any Muslim donate funds to those websites which are busy glorifying the word “Sword?”

For long, as a concerned Muslim, I have been emphasizing that it is an internal struggle within the community of “Islamic Scholars & Muslim Preachers, Leaders, Editors & Journalists” around the world who will eventually have to have meeting of minds in order to read, listen and understand those who are questioning the basic fundamental teachings of Islam. There is no question that the “Collective Failure” on the part of the “Muslim Intelligentsia” has been the root cause of everything that is going wrong in the Islamic world. Why not take a look at one of India’s self-proclaimed Islamic scholars? Sure it is easy to slam the website as another one creating “Phobia”. Nonetheless, it is about for the educated Muslims to question Islamic scholars who continue to practice deception to arouse their followers. Can anyone recollect who proudly announce that “Every Muslim Should Be A Terrorist”? If there be a tremendous zeal to lynch everyone that speaks unfavorably of Islam, then with an equal zest Islamic scholars and Muslim leaders must condemn those who portray a false interpretation of our great religion of Islam. Why a pin-drop silence is maintained and for what?

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, a renowned Islamic scholar based in New Delhi, India, with reference to Quranic Verse: 179 – Chapter: 7 – The Heights (Al-Araf), has given a brief summary about the “Discovery of the Truth, wherein, he states that “Flashes of God’s brilliant light will appear before him, but he will not be able to see them. The melody of Divine song will come to his ears, but he will be prevented to hearing it.” “The human voice is the organ of the soul” proclaimed Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the most widely known and best-loved American poet of his time. Many Muslims from India and Pakistan which comprises of almost one-third of the entire world’s Muslim population remain “Heedless” of the inspiringly assuring voice of Mohammed Rafi (May Almighty Allah rest his soul in peace). He was a simple and humble KHUDA KA BANDA. Out of a billion Indians, I was chosen by Almighty Allah to arrange the meeting between the two Muslim legends of the world. Muhammad Ali, the world’s greatest boxer and Mohammed Rafi, the world’s greatest singer.


Presented to MOHAMMED RAFI

The musical genius of this century whose celestial voice has
enthralled music lovers around the world.

An appreciation from Indian and Pakistani communities in U.S.A.
and Canada.

September 1979

“Islam is above all the religion of morality. As the Prophet remarked, ‘I was sent only in order to complete morality.’ The essence of this religion is to become adorned with all praiseworthy morals, and to shed all blameworthy traits” wrote Henry Bayman in his book, “The Secrets of Islam – Love and Law in the Religion of Ethics. Now such a profound statement should be pondered over and reflected upon and must not be ignored. Muhammad Ali once remarked that, “When God makes someone, the most important part is the heart and soul. What’s on the outside is only decoration.” “Beards & Hijabs” should not be highlighted as the dominant features of being Muslims. Our emphasis should be solely on “Moral & Character. Perhaps, many of you might not know that it is in the Chapter: “The Pen” – Surah: 68 – Verse 1-4, wherein, Almighty Allah testifies as follows:

“By the pen and all that they write! By the grace of your Lord, you are not
a mad man. Most surely, you will have a never ending reward. For you are
truly of a sublime character. Soon you will see, as will they, which of you
is a prey to madness. Your Lord knows best who has fallen by the wayside,
and who has remained on the true path.”

Talking about morality and the essence of religion, then try to attentively listen to the two spellbinding songs of late great Mohammed Rafi Saheb. Those who can understand the “Urdu” language might perhaps be enlightened with the spark of spirituality in the lyrics which was penned by Shewan Rizvi. It is as follows:

Kuch Naik Kam Kar Ja, Duniya Ma Naam Kar
Marne Ke Baad Ka Bhi Kuch Intizam Kar Ja

Humdard sabka banke insaniyat dikha ja
Jo bhi tujhe pukare uske hi kam aa ja
Sabki duwaye le ja, sabko salam kar ja
Kuch naik kam kar ja, duniya me naam kar ja

Falak Bola Khuda Ke Noor Ka Main Aashyaanaa Hoon
Zameen Bolee Unhee Jalwo Ka Main Bhee Aastaanaa Hoon

falak bola pharishto ko mere sazde ki aadat hai
zami boli meri maszid me mehrade ibadadt hai
falak bola,
falak bola meri aagosh me gulzar jannat hai
zami boli
zami boli muhammad mustafa ki mujh pe umat hai

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thoughts and the thought has found words,” is how Robert Frost, an American poet aptly described it. No doubt, it is hard for the “Heedless” ones to dare venture into such a thought. Simply chanting “Labbaik Allah Humma Labbaik” without any spiritual sentiments will not do any good for the soul. After circling the “House of Kabba, the first and foremost duty of Muslims should be to extinguish the flame of hatred within our hearts and to dedicate our lives towards spreading the message of love and mercy to mankind. Above all, remember a final admonition of the Prophet of Islam as follows:

“O my people, I was but a man, it may be that an angel of death will visit
me soon and death will overtake me. But I have left you a book, revealed
by Allah, the Quran for light and guidance.”

My fellow Muslims, I am acutely aware that many readers will likely find this Eid-ul-Adha greetings boring. The reason being that my thoughts are directed more towards the philosophical approach towards life rather than the “Idle Talk” which we the Muslims are so much fond of. In these days and times, many intellectual Muslims are ferociously engaged in spreading articles that portray either a negative image of Islam or feeding frenzy to the “Anti-West” crowd in the Islamic world. Does any member of “Muslim Intelligentsia” bother to realize that they are the ones responsible to damage the minds of Muslim youths who are likely to feel dispirited about Islam? What more can I say? We ought to encourage young Muslims to make an earnest attempt to listen to how Muhammad Ali explained the true meaning of life to a young British student as I have outlined in the third paragraph of this letter. Well then, setting aside the usual interrogation of my faith and/or questioning my character, we must now come to a foregone conclusion that the time for “HEALING” of Muslim minds is long overdue. The sooner we embark on a dedicated mission of healing the minds of Muslim youths, the better. Simply put, this is no time to be “Heedless.

All in all, having been fortunate to be in the company of the legends, one feel honored and humbled. It has been said that the tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives. Well then, why not strive hard to discover the “Truth, reflect upon “Good Verses, dwell on “Good Thoughts” spread some “Good Words, listen to “Good Songs, and most importantly, persistently perform “Good Deeds. Of course, never forget that life is fragile, therefore, handle it with utmost care by means of expressing sincere prayers. All said and done, this humble KHUDA KA BANDA wishes you and your beloved family members, a very happy, hearty and cheerful Eid-ul-Adha.

May Almighty Allah bless you and your loved ones. Ameen!

Affectionately yours,

Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia

A Pen1http://www.wethemoderatemuslims.com   – http://www.readingisliving.com


Discovery of the Truth is that conscious and deliberate act of every man. Only one who has kept the doors of his heart (mind) open for the purpose, will be able to understand the Truth. Only one who has not covered his eyes with artificial veils will be able to see it. Only one who has not plugged his ears will hear its voice. Such people will recognize the voice of Truth and will surrender themselves before it. And one whose case is opposite to this will remain mindless like the animals. It will not be possible for him to be moved by even the weightiest of arguments. Flashes of God’s brilliant light will appear before him, but he will not be able to see
them. The melody of Divine song will come to his ears, but he will be prevented from hearing it. Truth is available to those who are awake; for neglected people, no truth is the Truth.



By the pen, and all they write refers to historical record. In historical records of human memoirs accumulated and preserved in the shape of history, the Quran is an exceptional book and the bearer of that book an exceptional personality. This quality of being exceptional cannot be explained unless the Quran is accepted as the book of God and Muhammad as His Prophet.

Having a sublime character means rising above the standard of others’ behavior. It should not be the believer’s way to deal badly with those who are not good to him, while giving fair treatment to those who are good to him. On the contrary, he should do good to everybody, even though others may not do the same for him. The character of the Prophet was of the latter type, which proves that he was a man of principle. He was not a product of circumstances, but of his own high principles. His sublime character was consistent with his claim to be a prophet.

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
Centre for Peace and Spirituality International

Goodword Books – 2011

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