Michael Porter (1947-Present)

“Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity.”

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”

“Companies operating in urban communities have a tremendous ripple effect.”

“It’s sobering. It suggests that there are relatively few inner cities that are thriving in the sense of job growth.”

“Investors need to do the same degree of comparison shopping they would normally do when choosing between funds, which means digging into things like expense ratios, historical performance and holdings.”

“It is a real disappointment to see us make so many mistakes. The mistakes cost us the game. We were prepared, but mistakes cost us.”

“Too many academics and business managers are satisfied with the ‘good feeling’ as argument. I disagree completely.”

“Billions are wasted on ineffective philanthropy. Philanthropy is decades behind business in applying rigorous thinking to the use of money.”

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