March 25, 2003

From: Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia
To: My Fellow Muslim

My Dear Doctor,

As-Salaam Alay-Kum

I was indeed honored and humbled to have received generous compliments from you. Philosopher, I am not, but as a fellow traveler on this planet earth, some of my thoughts were formulated by my personal experience coupled with “reading” bits and pieces of wisdom extracted from the books.

In one of the many books I keep on reading, there is a book by Dr. Khwaja Ghulam Saiyadain, A Faith Of An Educationist, which I find it appropriate to bring to your attention at this very crucial juncture in the history of our civilization, that is, “in spite of all the clashes and conflicts of ideology that darken the international horizon, the indisputable fact remains that we must either swim together or we will have the dubious pleasure of sinking together.”

Yes, with such a spirit of awareness, we the people of Muslim Ummah must collectively start “thinking” so as to check us from sliding further into the stone age. Thinking about how to answer your questions, urges me to take a cautious approach not as a religious scholar, but as a bookman. We all know what happens when the usual “fatwas” start flying around the Islamic horizon. Scarry and fearful stuff!

In any case, with a little bit that I know, kindly allow me to differentiate between the two words, “Admiyyaat” and “Insaniyyat” as follows:

ADMIYYAT – To recognize that we are all humans created by the “Lord
Of The Worlds, that is, “Rabbul-Alamin” the source of mercy and justice
uniformly dispersed to the ocean of humanity. We are all an integral part of
humanity, as Almighty Allah claimed, “Verily, we have honored the children
of Adam. Surah: Al-Isra (The Night Journey) – Chapter:17 – Verse: 70

INSANIYYAT – A higher plane of Admiyyat, is a finer sense of belonging
to the “circle of life,” which urges us to extend our helping hand to our
fellow human regardless of faith, beliefs, race, color, creed or sex. Most
importantly, to be worthy of being an “Insaan” we must continuously strive
our best to walk on a “Straight Path, that is, “Sirat-al-Mustaqim” 
during our journey in the “circle of life.” As Muslims, we must never forget the
the saying of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, “He who does not show
compassion to his fellow man is undeserving of Allah’s compassion.

The word Admiyyat denotes the “existence” to us , whereas, the word Insaniyyat creates the “consciousness” in us. “As the Vicergent of Allah on earth,” wrote Charles le Gai Eaton (also known as Hassan Abdul Hakeem), in his book, “Islam and the Destiny of Man, the human heart – the central point of his being – is where the link between what is “above” and what is “beneath.” Therefore, what is “beneath” is to conform to the understanding of the word “Admiyyat” by ways of living harmoniously with our fellow humans, simultaneously, what is “above” can only be determined based on the love and compassion we show our fellow humans as in the word “Insaniyyat” during the life span designated to us by Almighty Allah.

JUST THINKING about the two synonymous words “Admiyyat” and “Insaniyyat, I have to sum up my note to you by underlying that the word Admiyyat is set in motion by the “mind,” whereas, Insaniyyat is guided by the “heart.” To be quite honest, the moral decay of the Muslim Ummah is owing mainly to not applying our “minds” nor our “hearts” as for some reason or other, most of our fellow Muslims have already assumed in their “little minds” that we are bound to go to Heaven regardless of respecting “Admiyyat” or applying “Insaniyyat. I am afraid such is the state of affairs of our Muslim Ummah, as lately most of our brothers and sisters are blindly following the disastrous philosophy of the so-called Islamist radicals who are hell-bent on killing “independent thinking.

Finally, one is left to wonder, how on earth can, we the Muslims, regain “a spark of divinity” when we totally refuse to apply our minds and hearts when it comes to dealing kindly and gently with our fellow humans? Perhaps, by pondering over a quote from Beverly Sills, we all might learn the meaning of “Insaniyyat” as follows:

One of the qualities that separate us two-legged animals from the
four-legged ones is compassion. It is what makes us stand up tall
instead of crawling about on all fours. And standing up tall is what
frees our arms to reach out to a fellow being and say, “Let me help

Compassionately yours,

Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia


From: A Fellow Muslim
To: Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia
Dated: March 23, 2003

Dear Mr. Lodhia,

As-Salam-o-alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

Thank you for your esteemed e-mails. I have carefully read your e-mails, quite philosophical! and your bio-data, very impressive.

By the way, what is Insaniyaat? How do you define it? and

What is the real difference between Admiyyat and Insaniyyat?

What is the role of Islam between the two? Any interaction?

Just thinking!


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