Joseph M. Juran (1904-2008)

“When asked by middle managers how to get upper management interested in quality, he said his advice was] “Pray for things to get worse.”

“Without a standard there is no logical basis for making a decision or taking action.”

“It is important to avoid any atmosphere of blame. The emphasis should be on what to do differently, and on the methods for making the needed changes.”

“Every successful quality revolution has included the participation of upper management. We know of no exceptions.”

“Although producing higher-quality goods might seem costly, it could often pay for itself through fewer repairs and a better reputation in the marketplace.”

“Consistency in quality means not allowing the ordinary rush of business and even extraordinary events to slow or suspend the process.”

“There is always a better way; it should be found.”

“My job of contributing to the welfare of my fellow man is the great unfinished business.”

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