December 12, 2003

From: Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia

To: Jamaat-e-Islaami – Pakistan

Honorable – Qazi Hussain Ahmad – Ameer
Honorable – Khurshid Ahmed – Naib Ameer
Honorable – Liaqat Baloch – Naib Ameer
Honorable – Professor Ghafoor Ahmed – Naib Ameer
Honorable – Muhammad Aslam Saleemi – Naib Ameer
Honorable – Jan Mohammad Abbasi – Naib Ameer
Honorable – Chaudhry Rehmat Elahi – Naib Ameer
Honorable – Syed Munawar Hasan – Qayyim


Dated: December 12, 2003


“Enough is enough,” came an angry note from your respective institution, which carried on by charging that “you have been very annoying from the beginning … … and you continue to be …. ” This was in response, rather an angry reaction to my recent greetings message on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. Well, that’s quite alright, as after mailing this message, I will permanently “unsubscribe” your institution’s mailing address from my distribution list.

Little that I have learned in my life time is not going to stop me from speaking the “Truth. More so after the assault on humanity that took place by a handful of young men belonging to our great religion of Islam. From under the rubbles of the World Trade Center rose sentiments of ordinary Muslims against the despicable act conducted by the Islamic zealots. The “silent majority” residing in our midst and fearing to speak up owing to succumbing to the incognizant strategy to, “kill independent thinking, vigorously propagated by the Islamic religious institutions around the world have, in my humble opinion, made them totally “speechless.”

Few Islamic minds remain totally undisturbed and unmoved by the slogan “Ignore Intelligence. Unfortunately, Islamic world does not have its own version of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a Nobel Laureate in literature whose message to Russians was summed up in one word, “Repent.Pardon me, most of our Islamic religious and political leaders along with majority of our Muslim journalists do keep, what I call, “a respectful distance from the truth, “without even making a sincere effort or an honest attempt to find the root causes of the problem that have engulfed the Islamic countries. It is no wonder, there is no one capable to call for “Repent. The truth of the matter is, it is right in the “Ground Zero” where the image of Islam was mercilessly crushed by the evildoers, and it is now quite apparent that the habits of terrorizing ingrained in the minds of the Islamic terrorists in every nook and corner of the world have to a large extent been overwhelmed by the shameless thesis of one famous Russian terrorist by the name of Sergei Nechayev, that is, “Our task is terrible, total, universal, and merciless destruction.”

“Powerful and daring minds are now beginning to struggle upright, to fight their way out from under the heaps of antiquated rubbish,” wrote Alexander Solzhenitsyn in his book, “From Under The Rubble, in the chapter, “As Breathing and Consciousness Return. Without a doubt, the consciousness of the followers of our great religion of Islam is slowly but surely awakening to the true meaning of “life” and investigating as to “What went wrong in the Muslim Ummah?” Our minds long been buried under the heaps of disgusting dogmas, must now firmly ask, “What is the end result of the provocative symbol termed as “Clinched Fist?” In my personal opinion, all the death and destruction  that we are observing today is the final outcome of the instigative mind-set fired up by an icon of “Clinched Fist. In other words, such a brutal behavior can only be comprehended by reading two of the important chapters from a recently published book by Abdelwahab Meddeb titled, “The Malady Of Islam. To enlighten all of you, I am taking liberty to jot down two shivering paragraphs from the book as follows:

Can one find the truth of the world and be confronted with the
heterogeneity and diversity that color its rough relief when one
limits a religion to such an exclusive and self-sufficient way of
life? Can one still keep the fibers of emotion and feeling alive so
that one can love and respond to the beauties handed down by
the many peoples of Islam through variety of their historic
contribution? How can one benefit from the past and the present
if one comes to the conclusion that the only Islam that conforms
to the sovereignty of God is that of Medina and that of the first
four caliphs? In this insane, absolute theocentrism, never before
in the tradition of Islam so radically developed, the world is
transformed into a cemetery. If Mawdudi reproached the West
with the death of God, we can accuse him of having inaugurated
the death of humanity. His outrageous system invents an unreal
totalitarianism, which excites disciples and incites them to spread
death and destruction over all continents. That is the kind of
negation of life, the nihilism to which theoretical reasoning leads
when it is not subject to the control of practical reasoning.

This radical and terrifying vision establishes a tabula rasa and
transforms the world into a post nuclear place in which we find
desolate landscapes wherever we look, on pages blackened by
Sayyid Qutb. Everything is at fault in the history of humanity as
well as in its present; all thought, all representation is so
insufficient that it merits annihilation. Everything must disappear,
except the word of God as it is reported in his Quran. Through the
word incarnate as a book, the world will know ” the liberation of
man, ” and even more, ” his true birth. ” After having submitted
himself to the subjugation that the sovereignty of God requires,
after having placed himself in the service of His Lordship, man
will be freed from all the other servitudes of the century, that of
the machine as well as whatever man seeks to exercise over man.
This is the summary of the conclusion of one of the books by
Sayyid Qutb, whose work is read by thousands of fascinated
people, dreaming of that promised liberation that would transform
man into one of the living dead, on a scorched land.

An absolutely chilling verdict! Sadly, from the news of death and destruction from Morrocco to Saudi Arabia, from Afghanistan to Indonesia, and on to Iraq and Turkey, we the people of the Islamic world are witnessing nothing but a 21st century “Holocaust” imposed upon us by a bunch of ruthless Islamic zealots trained in the school of thoughts belonging to Maulana Abul ‘Ala Maududi and Sayyid Qutb. In order to understand the impact of such an insane doctrine of “Theocentrism” coupled with fallacious manifesto of “Annihilation, one only has to read a gloomy story of an old Kashmiri who once pleaded with Haider Farooq Maududi, an eminent theologian and son of Maulana Abul ‘Ala Maududi, “Have some mercy on us. Do spare a few of our young men to at least take us to qabristan (cemetery). Do you want us to make our last journey on the shoulders of our women? ” Seriously think and intelligently reflect! If everything in this worldly “life” is to make everything totally disappear than the so-called “Muslim Terrorists” will surely carry the same mandate to the “Heaven. My question to all of you is, “Can heaven truly carry the burden of sins committed by the ruthless terrorists?

Quotation at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C., reads, ” Thou shalt not be a victim. Thou shalt not be a perpetrator. Above all, though shalt not be a bystander. I do not claim to be a devout Muslim, nevertheless, I refuse to be a “bystander.” My emotion is now stirred up with a vivid memory of Hamid Kamali, a professor of Trigonometry at Adamjee Science College in Karachi, Pakistan back in the year 1968. I was one of the blessed students who was present in a classroom having a pin-drop silence for one whole hour hearing Professor Kamali performing a spell-binding prayer for the betterment of the “character” of his pupils. That dramatic hour earnestly requesting Almighty Allah to make us “DEFENDERS OF ISLAMIC FAITH” has remained engraved in my heart up until this date. I have never “unsubscribed” the lessons learned from my elders and therefore will speak out as a concerned Muslim whenever and wherever I hear of an evil act of terrorism. With every deep breath blended with utmost consciousness, I will preach the message of Islam as a “lay-man” to my fellow Muslims lost in the wilderness.

Today, the misery and humiliation suffered by Muslims throughout the world is due to sheer negligence of the strict warning declared in our Holy Quran as follows:

Do not mischief on the earth,
After it hath been
Set in order, but call
On Him with fear
And longing (in your hearts):
For the Mercy of Allah
Is (always) near
To those who do good.

Surah: Al-Araf (The Heights) – Chapter: 7 – Verse 56

“Rule of man over man is exploitation; submission to Allah the Creator is the only way to emancipation,” has been the popular slogan of Islami Jamiat Talaba. Imagine the minds that spread such a slogan wind up painting on their billboards the inflaming banner of “Clinched Fist!” Whatever happened to the “Pen” described as the most celebrated instrument in our Holy Quran? Perhaps, everyone in your respective institution conveniently forgot the wisdom of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him ), “The ink of the scholar is more sacred than the blood of the martyr!” Needless to say, I am not an Islamic scholar, however, being fond of writing with a fountain pen, my bottle of ink is not dried yet. I will continue to keep on writing till I can change the hearts and minds of the young Muslims who are put in harm’s way by the misguided concept of “Jihad” promoted by religious institutions such as yours, Insha-Allah. In case all of you are not aware, an authenticated description of “Jihad, can be found in the Surah: At-Tauba or Repentance (Chapter 9 : Verse 20) as follows:

Those who believe, and emigrate
And strive with might
And main, in Allah’s cause,
With their goods and their persons,
Have the highest rank
In the sight of Allah:
They are the people
Who will achieve (salvation).

Surah: At-Tauba (Repentance) – Chapter 9 : Verse 20

FistLast but not least, fully knowing that my message will not be answered by any one of you, allow me to end this note with a thoughtful remark of one eminent and profound Islamic scholar named Malek Bennabi (1903-1973) from Algeria as follows:

When one invokes Allah for the performance of fraudulent deeds, for
plundering, killing and corrupting, Allah delegates Satan for perfecting
the process and for achieving in the institutions what had commenced
in the individual.

May Almighty Allah guide all the followers of the Maulana Abul ‘Ala Maududi and Sayyid Qutb to “The Straight Path.“Sirat al-Mustaqim. Ameen.

Sincerely yours,

Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia


Commentary by Abdullah Yusuf Ali as follows:

Surah: Al-Araf (The Heights) – Chapter: 7 – Verse 56)

The man who prays with humility and earnestness finds the ground prepared by Allah for his spiritual advancement. It is all set in order, and cleared of weeds. He does not, like the wicket, upset that order, to introduce evil or mischief into it.

Fear and longing: the fear of Allah is really a fear lest we should diverge from His will, or do anything which would not be pleasing to Him; unlike ordinary fear, it therefore brings us nearer to Allah, and in fact nourishes our longing and desire for Him.

Surah: At-Tauba (Repentance) – Chapter 9 : Verse 20

Here is a good description of “Jihad. It may require fighting in Allah’s cause, as a form of self-exercise. But its essence consists in (1) true and sincere Faith, which so fixes its gaze on Allah, that all selfish and worldly motives seem paltry and fade away, and (2) an earnest and ceaseless activity, involving the sacrifice (if need be) of life, person, or property, in the service of Allah. Mere brutal fighting is opposed to the whole spirit of Jihad, while the sincere scholar’s pen or preacher’s voice or wealthy man’s contributions may be the most valuable forms of Jihad.




“For decades, while we were silent, our thoughts straggled in all possible and impossible directions, lost touch with each other, never learned to know each other, ceased to check and correct each other. While the stereotypes of required thought, or rather of dictated opinion, dinned into us daily from the electrified gullets of radio, endlessly reproduced in thousands of newspapers as like as peas, condensed into weekly surveys for political study groups, have made mental cripples of us and left very few minds undamaged.

Powerful and daring minds are now beginning to struggle upright, to fight their way out from the heaps of antiquated rubbish. But even they will still bear all the cruel marks of the branding iron, they are still cramped by their shackles into which they were forced half-grown. And because we are intellectually isolated from each other, they have no one to measure themselves against.

As for the rest of us, we have so shriveled in the decades of falsehood, thirsted so long in vain for the refreshing drops of truth, that as soon as they fall upon our faces we tremble with joy. “At last!” we cry, and we forgive the dust-laden whirl-wind which has blown up with them, and the radioactive fallout which they conceal. We do rejoice in every little word of truth, so utterly suppressed until recent years, that we forgive those who first voice it for us all their near misses, all their inexactitudes, even a portion of  error greater than the portion of truth, simply because, ‘something at least, SOMETHING AT LAST HAS BEEN SAID!’

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

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