Kun Fa Yakun

My Dear Fellow Muslims,

As-Salaam Alay-Kum

“The Qur’an’s KUN FA YAKUN Be! and being was, (‘and is’) perceives and receives – existence as the divinely ‘given,’ and ‘given’ in this experience juncture between ‘what is’ and that ‘we are,’ wrote Kenneth Cragg in his book, “The Tragic in Islam.

Be! and being was. The word “Be” with an addition of another “e” adds up to “Bee. Talking about the subject of “Bee, reminds me of my letter titled, “The Waggle Bee Dance, dated June 20, 2003 addressed to A. W. Sadatullah Khan, Editor of Islamic Voice. Twelve years lapsed by only to realize that Muslims have no clue of ‘what is,’ about “The World of Bees, and neither do we want to accept the fact that for the most part, “we are” far too “Self-Centered,” and not to mention, “Self-Righteous” in our attitude towards others.

In Surah: An-Nahl (The Bee), one is reminded of, “He gave you hearing and sight and intelligence and affections.” Imagine how, we, the Muslims, somehow lost in touch with “The World of Nature. Perhaps, it might well be appropriate to conclude that we have collectively lost our “Emotional Intelligence. Countless millions of Muslims continually live with a notion that the world is surrounded by the “Kuffars/Kafirs, as if they are the only chosen one of Almighty Allah. No one ever bothered to take note of my advice, “Just like bees, each and every one of us who is willing to promote the cause of Islam must learn how to communicate and share knowledge with others using our intelligence and affections.” Well, it is the same old “Status-Quo” thinking that continues to prevail through and through.


Surely, hearing and sight was provided to humans, but are we sincere enough to make a note of Isaac Watt’s English hymn (1655): “How doth the little busy bee, improve each shining hour” to encourage their fellow brethren to renounce earthly desires:

Behold in spring see everything
Alive and cloth’d with beauty
Shall I alone an idle drone
Be slothful in my duty?
To gather honey see the Bee Fly
Around from flower to flower
A good example there for me
To well improve each hour

A book, “Bees in America – How The Honey Bee Shaped A Nation, by Tammy Horn is worth reading. America became one of the greatest countries in the world because of “The People of the Book, embracing intelligence and intensely studying about how “Bees” communicated with one another. Karl von Firsch, an Austrian ethologist and a Nobel Laureate, centered his investigations on the sensory perceptions of the honey bee. He was one of the first to translate the meaning of the waggle dance. He published “Bee Dancing and Communication” (1944), wherein his findings about bee communication and social order were outlined. In fact, he was the one who theorize that bees could communicate. The links to three articles will give my fellow Muslims an insight into “The World of Bees.

The Remarkable Bee Brain

“Bees demonstrate abstract thought, symbolic language, advanced visual
perception, neuronal neuroplastic changes, decision-making, and planning.
They learn through symbolic language and transfer these memories to
specific spatial abilities including the ability to find the shortest distances
between many different types of scenes and flowers. They can count,
sequence, and combine concepts.

These capacities are in the individual bee, with a very small brain, one
million neurons, versus humans 100 billion. This intelligence is in the
individual bee not a mysterious “hive intelligence” (used to explain away
their individual capacities) any more than our intelligence is in the internet
or society. With such advanced capacities in bees, as well as cognitive
abilities in microbes, intelligence and mind in nature must be reconsidered.

Humans are doing democracy wrong. Bees are doing it right

“Seeley himself has found in the collective decision-making of the bees a
metaphor and inspiration for democracy. Yet the bee system is far from
the simple one-individual, one-vote set-up so popular among humans. If
it were, there would be no way for Bee X who has discovered a particularly
attractive source of pollen to convince fellow bees that his source truly
deserves extra attention. Thus, it is the total passion of the bees, not
simply numbers alone (one mandible, one vote) that ultimately carries
the day.

“Of course, every bee wants credit for their own find. So there needs to
be a countervailing costly mechanism to prevent bees from simply over-
promoting any pollen source they know. Bees must spend a lot of energy
to bring their fellows around. Seeley’s research shows that the time they
spend on dances grows not linearly but quadratically in proportion to the
attractiveness of the site they encountered. Twice as good a site leads to
four times as much wiggling, three times as good a site leads to nine times
as lengthy a dance, and so forth.”


Why the phrase ‘Busy as a Bee’ may be becoming extinct

“Although bees are feared for their ability to sting, they are actually essential
to the life of many plants. Bees are the main pollinators of many plants, so
without them, many fruits and vegetables we take for granted will begin to
disappear, or at least start costing more. Without natural pollination, farmers
will have to invest in manual pollination techniques. This would increase the
price of their produce, causing an economic impact in the grand scheme of
things. Your plants you could miss that require pollination include apples,
oranges cucumbers, bananas, tomatoes, vanilla, beans, cotton lemons, coffee,
onions and broccoli.

A company working to develop a product that works to help the bees stated
in their research notes that: “In order to produce a pound of honey, over
750 bees must log over 55,000 miles of flying. During this extensive flight
programme, visiting over 2 million flowers to collect nectar, the insects also
pollinate the plants that make I out of every 3 bites of food we eat.””

Only by listening to the YouTube video links, one will be able to appreciate Jon Lieff’s, MD, thoughts on “Animal Intelligence and Thomas D. Seeley’s knowledge about “Swarm Intelligence. More importantly, watching the documentary of “The Miracle of the HoneyBee, which ends with the verses 68-69 from Surah: An-Nahl (Bees), will undoubtedly be a big wake-up call for those who have carelessly “Ignored Intelligence” for years on end. Why not be wise enough to reflect upon Kenneth Cragg’s summation about ‘the manifold works of the Lord‘ as follows:

“We begin with human tenancy and tenure in an intelligible scenario of soil
and tillage, seed-time and harvest, of exploring and celebrating, learning
and mastering, contriving and constructing, via ‘the manifold works of the
Lord,’ the ‘manifold cultures of man.’“

Furthermore, Tammy Horn enlightened the readers about how the “Defense Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA,” has been conducting tests in which honey bees were used to track land mines in Afghanistan.” Think about how “Uneducated Brutes” in Afghanistan are busy finding ways to kill their own fellow Muslims and compare it with the “Intelligent Humans, who are exploring ways to minimize the deaths of their fellow humans. Not only this, “Bee Secrets” were highlighted on October 28, 2010 in the National Geographic News. In short, only by earnestly listening to Peter Nelson, who made a short film about honey bees, we can appreciate his comments as follows:

“We need to be making in our own societies some wise decisions, but years
ahead. So we need to be using some of that same focused and determined
determined decision-making that bees have successfully employed for great
many milleniums.”

It is indeed a “Muslim Tragedy” that even in the 21st century we remain intellectually unfit to understand why a Qur’anic Surah is named the “Bees, and it highlights the most wonderful masterpiece of Almighty Allah’s creation. For long, Muslims have preferred to live as “Thoughtless Devotees, merely going through their daily ritual exercise. Never mind the uneducated Muslims, what is more so shocking is that even the educated Muslims somehow are unable to ponder over the harsh reality that our “Ulemas, Imams & Muftis are least bit interested in any such worldly knowledge about “The World Of Nature. To most of them all such knowledge are classified as either “Western” or “Modern,” which clashes with their 7th century mindset. The question, ordinary Muslims must ask them is, “What have they learned from Surah: An-Nahl”? “A sign for folk who will listen!,” “A sign for folk who reason,” and “A sign for folk who will mediate!,” probably does not mean anything to the “Ulemas, Imams & Muftis.

“We have merely sent the Book down to you so you may explain to them
what they are differing over, and as a guidance and mercy for folk who
believe. [64]

God sends water down from the sky and revives the earth with it following
its death. In that is a sign for folk who will listen!” [65]

You have a lesson in livestock: We let you drink what comes from their
bellies in between the cud and blood, pure refreshing milk for those who
drink it. [66]

From the fruit of the date palm and grapevine you derive intoxicants, as
well as fine nourishment; in that is a sign for folk who reason. [67]

Your Lord has inspired the Bees: ‘Set up hives in the mountains, and in
trees and on anything they may build.’ [68]

Then eat some of every kind of fruit and slip humbly along your Lord’s
byways. From their bellies comes a drink with different colors which
contains healing for mankind. In that is a sign for folk who will mediate!

Listening, reasoning and mediating about the meaning of the Qur’anic verses simply do not play a major role in the daily lives of Muslims when it comes to their own religion of Islam. Hateful sermons are far more appealing rather than sharing the knowledge about “The World of Bees, extracted by our fellow humans. Though, I must honestly admit that it was Maulana Wahiddudin Khan who eloquently expressed his thoughts on the “Bees, as follows:

“The bee works very hard to suck the nectar from flowers and to prepare
honey which is a health giving food for human beings. In the same
manner, the servant of God should acquire wisdom from the universe
by giving it deep consideration after intense observation of it, and such
pieces of wisdom as he picks up should be spiritual good for him as well
as panacea for all of his moral ailments. The things which are ‘nectar’ for
the bees becomes intense realization (ma’rifah) at the level of human

A stark reminder by Kenneth Cragg, “Is there then, no place for conscience that can pause and ponder in line with the Qur’an’s own question, “Do they not reflect on the Qur’an? Surah 4.82 and 47.24,” in the chapter, “Human Tragedy and Theological Path, should make all Muslims to come to grip with the ground reality that our Holy Qur’an is “Divine, and as such, “let there be no doubt about it is [meant to be] a guidance for all the God-conscious.” Surah: 2:2.

My fellow Muslims, it is high time to stop acting like “Space Cadets, or in other words, to act like someone out of touch with reality. Once again, I would like to repeat my own words which I wrote back on June 20, 2003 as follows:

“Ignore intelligence” is a slogan of the enemies of Islam, therefore, as
Muslims we must totally defy those who lead us astray no matter how
they dress up or how they preach. When Almighty Allah repeatedly
points out, “Verily in this are signs for those who believe,” our minds
must instantly translate that, it is meant for each Muslim to strive hard
to become an “Intelligent Devotee” willing and able to extract knowledge
from nature and history with affection.”

Always remember, KUN FA YAKUN – Be! and be it is. “Know who you are and why are you here on this beautiful Planet Earth.” This can only be achieved if we, the Muslims, learn how to embrace the moral and intellectual truth as God-fearing Muslims. For now, let us collectively dedicate to become an “Intelligent Devotee, of Almighty Allah and steer far away from those who are out to squash our intelligence by making us believe that the only way to learn our Holy Qur’an is through the “Ulemas, Imams & Muftis.Simply put, why not improve each shining hours of our lives by strictly obeying the commandments of Almighty Allah as proclaimed in our Holy Qur’an.

“The Lodhia Family” would like to extend our heartfelt Eid-ul-Fitr” greetings to you and all of your beloved family members.

Affectionately yours,

Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia

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