August 15, 2011

From: Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia

Honorable Moderators of VoiceofAligs, Indian-Muslim, Indian-Muslims & IndianMuslimClub,

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan (May Almighty Allah rest his soul in peace) once proclaimed, “India is like a bride which has got two beautiful and lustrous eyes – Hindus and Musalmaans. Surely, as Indian Muslims you all must be mighty proud, and as such, allow this humble writer to wish each and every members of your respective “yahoogroups”: A Very Happy Independence Day.

One this very day, it will be more than appropriate to express my sincere gratitude for posting my messages in each of the designated groups represented by you. It is true that ever since the first day of our Holy Month of Ramadhan, I started to pass on my thoughts. However, I was totally astonished to read a remark by a fellow Muslim, “I don’t know why Rafiq Lodhia is added in this group (voiceofaligs)? I think he is a DANGEROUS man. Beware of him, slowly he poisons and creates doubts by his writings. Beware again. Don’t give your group platform as his launching pad.” The truth of the matter is, this amazingly rude response came after I forwarded my email titled, “Here Lies A Humanist?” One only wonders if such a response can be classified as a civilized one, worthy of a Muslim?

“Voice of Aligarh” politely requested that I, Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia, should come out and tell us as to why so many are opposed to my writings without any bias from Moderator. That’s unbelievable considering it coming from “voiceofaligs” which is supposedly coming from the students and/or alumni of liberal and moderate educational institution like Aligarh Muslim University.

Respectable Moderator of (voiceofaligs – Ahmed H. Zubair) should be reminded of a single powerful statement of none other than the founder of Aligarh Muslim University: “Man himself is his own great teacher. With hardly eleven (11) messages passed on by Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia, it sure seems like quite a handful of Indian Muslims are up in arms! I am certainly not in a position to explain as to why many out yonder oppose my writings? I am not surprised at the initial accusation as one time even Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was called a “Kafir” by the Maulvis for having adopted the English style of dresses and eating. I reckon my sin is to make the best use of quotation of a few western leaders and scholars in my letters. Similar accusation; different year. The only difference being that Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was a great visionary, a reformer and the greatest promoter of western education of the 19th century India.. On the other hand, I being an ardent admirer of him, is simply a college drop out. In other words, a big personality difference, same sentiments.

Oh well, knowing that before the “Voice of Reasoning” completely breaks down, allow me to abide by the request to present facts and not abstracts, I am taking liberty to inform all those who have received my messages during this Holy Month of Ramadaan the following:

a. My grandfather Abdul Habib Haji Yusuf Marfani donated all his jewelery,
ornaments and property deeds to the Azad Hind Fauj. He was respectfully
honored with a medal of honor by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

b. My two emails addressed to the alumni of Methodists English High School.
One titled “A Majestic Memory” and the other titled “Not For School But For
Life We Learn’ are being forwarded to your kind attention in a separate mail.

c. My email titled, “A Faith Of An Educationist” addressed to Professor Mike
Reedy dated June 25, 2003 will give everyone a glimpse about my little extra
curricular activity as a concerned Muslim who out of being a highly conscientious
soul tries to address issues whenever the reputation of our great religion of Islam
is at stake.

All said and done, before “The Act of ExCommunicating” takes place, I, Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia, kindly request all the Indian Muslims to ponder over the parting advice of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, “I hope you will try to set an example in both scholarly pursuits and the practice of Islam. Only then our community will be honored and respected.”

Last but not the least, trust me, there will be no complain from my end as I will fade away with a lingering question in my mind: “WHEN SHALL WE GROW UP?”

Have a blessed Holy Month of Ramadaan. May Almighty Allah bless you all!

Very sincerely yours,

Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia


From: []
On Behalf Of AHMED H. ZUBAIR []
Sent: Sunday, August 14, 2011 1:10 PM
Subject: RE: [voiceofaligs] “HERE LIES A HUMANIST”

Abusidra sb first I was contemplating of not approving your message at VofA but then I approved it so that Lodhia sb can himself come out and tell us why so many ppl are opposed to his writings, without any bias from Moderator.

It will be great if we can discuss facts and not abstracts to keep productive and intelligent discussion live at VofA.



Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2011 09:40:06 +0400
Subject: RE: [voiceofaligs] “HERE LIES A HUMANIST”

Dear Moderator,

I don’t know why Rafiq Lodhia is added in this group? I think he is a DANGEROUS man.
Beware of him, slowly he poisons and creates doubts by his writings. Beware again.
Don’t give your group platform as his launching pad.




To: My Fellow Muslims
Sent: Friday, January 08, 2010 7:26 PM

My Fellow Muslims,

As-Salaam Alay-Kum

Many of you know me as Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia, and many of you do not know me. Right after reading an article in The Wall Street Journal by Paul Wolfowitz my first thought was to immediately share this very article with all of my Muslim brethren.

We Muslims have always remained so much preoccupied with “Inward Thinking” only and never ever practiced an art of “Outward Thinking. Most of the time, we remain grossly indifferent, and we could care less about paying tribute to a great Muslim who recently departed from this Planet Earth.

From a book “A Man’s Value To Society, a chapter titled “The Mind and the Duty Of Right Thinking, which I would like to share with all of you, as I feel that it is just a perfect tribute to Honorable Abdurrahman Wahid, (May Almighty Allah rest his soul in peace) the first democratically elected president of Indonesia. The paragraph reads as follows:

A man of truly colossal intellect, incomparable as he strides across the
realms and ages, yet always thinking the gentliest, kindliest thoughts;
thoughts of mildness as well as of majesty; thoughts of humanity as
well as divinity. Newell Dwight Hillis (1896)

Knowing that Muslims are all too lazy to “Read, therefore, my thoughts made me to share this moving article so that as a Muslim, we should “Stand Tall” and proudly claim “HERE LIES A HUMANIST” amongst our own brutal savages that are too busy terrorizing the civilization at large.

Thanks again for reading my thoughts, I remain

Humanely yours,

Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia


Sent: Sunday, August 21, 2011 11:40 PM
To: Rafiq Lodhia

Rafiq sb Assalamualaikum.

Thank you so much for sending in your postings at VofA.

Albeit your postings are of a very intellectual level and interesting, to keep the debates on latest issues affecting indian muslims, minorities in india, and Aligs going on at VofA, I have not posted many of your postings at VofA. Pl do not construe this as lack of attention or indifference from VofA.

Again considering the fact that we want to keep things live and kicking on latest issues at VofA, I am wondering if you can pl send in your (YOUR OWN PERSONAL) views on the latest issues to VofA.

By the way what do you think of the latest Anna movement in India?

Thanks again and the best of Ramdan to you and your family.



Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2011 21:59:57 -0400


In an effort to make bees allies rather than adversaries, I read everything I could about them. The honeybee and bumblebee have become my guides through the new world. I honor the bees for the pollinating ability, for their cooperative and productive behavior, for creating new honey out of a vast myriad of resources, for nurturing more than one-third of the world’s total food supply, for developing their unique language of dance that provides information to hive-mates on where the best flowers are in relation to the sun. Sharing information and knowledge is smart business, and bees know it better than business does.


Knowledge is information put to productive use. Bees take information provided by dances and put it to productive use by flying directly and unerringly to the advertised flower patch. They balance the supply and demand of honey for their hive without any higher authority, other than Nature herself. And the elegant processes they have developed for energy efficiency, population control, and environmental protection have succeeded for millions of years, thriving longer than humanity has existed. Next time you hear a swarm of bees flying by to establish a new beehive and colony, remember they will be around a lot longer than most Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and others creating such a buzz in the news.

Excerpts from a book titled: Smart Business
Author: Dr. Jim Botkin
Publisher: The Free Press (1999)

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